Grey be Gone!

I recently saw this hilarious video which depicted women getting ready to go out on a date compared to men.

You can just imagine right? De fuzzing our legs, faces and hoo haas. Applying fake tan, bronzer or whatever else we need to disguise our white limbs. Washing, conditioning, drying, curling or straightening our hair- the fun never ends! Throw a couple of kids in the mix yelling for you to wipe their bottoms or bring them some wet ones and you can see how the process is enough to drive anyone loco.

And the men? Well let’s just say they will throw on their clothes, choose a pair of shoes, grab their keys and walk out the door yelling “I’m heading to the car.” While I’m still trying to find a bra that fits properly and a pair of socks that actually match!

Then don’t you love when you do one last look in the mirror and all you see is your grey hair taunting you! Like it’s saying- “Yeah, you think you look all that? Think again honey- I’m back!”

Back, indeed! My hair seems to need root touch ups as soon as I leave the hair salon! In the past I’ve tried to disguise it with mascara, hair powder or even brown eye shadow. But then the other day while I was at Priceline stocking up on cotton ear buds, lip gloss and another coral nail polish, a brand new product caught my eye.


It’s called Instant Root Concealer by Charles Worthington. It’s a coloured spray that instantly disguises your grey roots. All you do is shake and spray where you want it to go. Do not spray it into the mirror while pulling a face, and definitely don’t hold it so close to your roots- it should be held about 20cm away.

This is not a sponsored post- I just love it and think you will too. It comes in  a range of colours and from memory it was under $20. You’re welcome!

Would you use this? x

Taco Thursdays

Today is Thursday and in our household that only means one thing. Tacos! My kids are literally excited to eat these taco boats from the minute they wake up- which incidentally is around 5:45am most mornings. Why are they up so early you may ask? It’s genetic I’m told. Their father is the same (rhymes with their father is insane, doesn’t it). I’m sure he’s lost his calling in life to host The Today Show cause Lord knows he’d never need an alarm to wake up.

So while I’m sitting here doing some writing on ye old computer machine, I can hear the mince bubbling away on the stove top in anticipation for the awesome meal that is to come!

Do you have specific foods for different nights of the week? You know, like fish and chip Fridays, Whatever you like Wednesdays or Make it yourself Mondays? My repertoire at the moment has only extended as far as Taco Thursdays. But you know, there’s scope to grow.

So why have I called you here today? Well, it’s been a while between visits so I thought I’d touch base and let you know that you can find me over on MUM’S LOUNGE as entertainment reporter these days. I’m reporting on all the celeb goss and news so please visit and share the love for me. Muchos Gracias.

Oh, and I also wanted to share some exciting news that I know you’ll be stoked about. I’m growing my fringe out…Ta da! Whatcha think?


Love and light to you all! x


You too can look like JLO, even if it’s just your hair!

There’s a hot new colour that’s hitting salons and celebrity heads alike. It’s been called a fusion between brown and blonde. It even has it’s own name: BRONDE.

brondeCara Delvigne recently darkened her blonde locks and suddenly a new colour was born.


“The key to achieving this colour is to have lots of your natural base colour showing through, so ask your stylist for a consultation. Here they can recommend the tones that suit your eye and skin tone while looking at the natural depth of your brunette or dark blonde. By incorporating subtle shimmers of a lighter shade they will enhance your features as well as the movement and texture, making sure the most complimentary shade is placed around your face.

“Plus, it’s a low maintenance colour so it’s perfect for anyone who is a little colour shy or not able to get to the salon very often.” Hair stylist Siobhan Jones.

Here are some of my fave brondes! I think this may be my next colour- it will take a while to get there though as my hair is quite dark at the moment. Mine will definitely be on the darker brunette side rather than blonde. But let’s see how we go.

Have you tried the bronde look? Do you love it? x

Bronde-Caramel-Hair-Colour brondgfs bronds bronsd bronsda bronsde





What’s Your Everyday Uniform?

As much as I’d like to say I experiment with fashion- it seems to be more and more in my head than in real life lately.

You see the other day as I was doing one of my monthly wardrobe culls I did a very interesting stocktake.

It went something like this:

Skinny jeans (black or grey) = 8 pairs

Black t-shirts with a round neck = 6

Black t-shirts with a v neck = 2

Grey t-shirts with a round neck = 3

Grey t-shirts with a v neck = 2

White t-shirts with a round neck = 3

White t-shirts with a neck = 2

Black t-shirts with tags still on, because God forbid Bonds stops making them = 4

Trainers/kicks/sneakers = 5 pairs for daily use, 2 pairs to be worn only when not planning to walk much. Oh, don’t laugh. You know you have those kicks at home in a box that you don’t wear cause they’re too new, too white or because it’s raining and you don’t want them to get wet!

Anyway, so as you can see there’s a very strong theme appearing. I am BASIC! I love my basics so much that the look below has pretty much become my uniform. Skinny jeans, kicks and a Tee. Oh you know, I might mix it up a bit and put on a printed tee – you know just to live on the edge. And sometimes, just sometimes I may even go all out and put on a skirt, denim of course and always with a basic tee.

If I’m going out I’ll totally pull out all the stops and throw on a pair of heels with the skinny jeans and add a blazer! Genius, right?!

So you see, I’ve pretty much got my wardrobe figured out. Now if I can only figure out what to do with the remaining 60% of my wardrobe that consists of clothes I call “I’ll wear them one day” outfits. You know, that denim jumpsuit, the black tutu skirt or the leopard print dress. One day, I will venture out and branch out. But not tomorrow, cause I’ve already ironed by good black bonds t-shirt in preparation for school drop off in the morning.

Do you have a daily uniform? What is it?


Beauty Secrets And Tips Just For You!

Are you one of those people who doesn’t share her beauty secrets? You know, when someone comments on how great your skin looks you don’t reveal the great new moisturiser you’ve been using? Or a friend asks you for advice on how you keep your hair frizz free and you say you have no idea cause you don’t use any products on your tresses. Bullshit!

I am not one of those people. In fact I may be at the other end of the spectrum where I’m at risk of being a compulsive oversharer. If you comment on my skin I will give you a step by step guide on what I use, where I got it from and how many kangaroo placentas were used in the process.

I by no means think I’m a beauty guru, but I have picked up a few tips along the way from friends (and by friends I mean Zoe Foster-Blake through Instagram).

Give these a go and next time someone comments on how you look like you’re radiating sunbeams out of your eye balls, please share your beauty secrets, yo! Sharing is in fact caring- and if you do then the world will definitely be a better looking place for all!


  1. Always use a skin primer. There are a million on the market ranging from super cheap to super exy. Choose one that you like cause you really can’t go wrong. I personally like the feel and smell of the Napoleon Primer. I’ve been using it for years and it still does it’s job- primes your skin for whatever else you have in store. It helps to set foundation, it gives skin a luminous glow and just feels nice!


2. If you’re like me and your pores are bigger than the Grand Canyon then a Pore Minimiser is the best thing ever! I just use it on my t-zone (forehead, nose & chin) and it instantly gets rid of those large looking holes! Again, experiment with some different brands till you find a favourite.


3. My brow lady recommended Invite Vitamin E cream to me last year and I swear by it! It’s under $15 and it’s the bomb! It’s high concentrated Vitamin E cream and I use it as my daily moisturiser. It’s one of those moisturisers that gives your skin an instant plump feeling and it seems to even out your skin tone and reduce wrinkles right before your eyes. I kid you not! Try it and see. If you find it’s too rich for day time then use it as your night cream.


4. Retin A creams are pretty much the only scientifically proven products that can change the appearance of your skin. Here’s some technical lingo;

The term describes vitamin A derivatives that unclog pores, boost collagen to reduce fine lines, and speed cell turnover to even out discoloration and smooth the skin—sometimes in as little as four weeks. The first retinoid—tretinoin—was FDA approved (under the brand name Retin-A) almost 40 years ago as a prescription acne treatment. Dermatologists soon noticed that patients on Retin-A experienced not just clearer but softer, brighter, less-lined skin. Today there are three prescription-strength retinoids: tretinoin (brands include Atralin, Avita, Retin-A, Retin-A Micro, Renova), tazarotene (Avage, Tazorac), and adapalene (Differin). Many dermatologists find tazarotene stronger (and potentially more irritating) than tretinoin; adapalene is the gentlest but may be less effective.

You will need a prescription from a doctor to get it, unless you buy it online or from a dodgy Mexican pharmacy like my sister did for me. You have to train your skin for it because it is very strong. Your skin may peel initially but persist because the results are worth it! Even skin tone, great for break outs and helps minimise wrinkles. Just make sure you’re not using it and then going out in the sun. Always wear sunscreen and follow the instructions on the packet. I usually use this at night and mainly on my problem areas like pigmentation and the occasional break out.


5. Use a Gradual tanning moisturiser in the lead up to Summer. Or if you’ve already got a tan use something like the St.Tropez gradual tan to keep your colour longer. St. Tropez is one of the only products on the market (Ella Bache is another one) that doesn’t make your skin go orange. In fact it has some scientific anti-orange agent in it. True story!


6. My favourite cleanser to get everything off at night is the Pore Refining one from Neutrogena. It’s cheap and effective and contains an Alpha and Beta Hydroxy formula so it must be good. I also just use some coconut oil to get rid of eye make up. Super effective and a jar will last you till 2025!

7. After you’ve finishede conditioning your hair in the shower, turn on the cold water for the final rinse. Yes, you will freeze, but it’s only for a few seconds. The cold water helps to keep your hair shiny. Sometimes if I’m super organised I’ll take in a jug with equal parts vinegar and cold water in it and then tip that over my hair at the end of a wash.


8. Always take the time to curl your lashes and apply mascara. It makes a huge difference to how wide awake you look. I curl first then apply mascara. Then I may do a quick curl at the end again – although you’re not really meant to, cause it may break your lashes. Whichever order you do it in, just do it. Mascara is a must!


9. I’m super late to the TOUCHE ECLAT party but let me tell you, now that I’ve arrived I’m here to stay. This product is a miracle worker for under the eyes. It’s an illuminator and concealer in one. You put a bit on under your eyes and spread it out till it’s just at the top of your cheek bones. If I’m feeling super tired I’ll put some over my eye lids too. You will look instantly brighter and more awake and you can’t go wrong with the colours. They blend into most skin tones and compliment all your other beauty products also. This is a MUST!

Hope you got some good tips today that you may want to share with your friends and family. I’d also love to hear from you about any new products you’re using and loving at the moment. Go on…tell me! X

Sorry, what was your name again?

There are many mysteries in life. Where do all my hair elastics go? Where are all my bobby pins? Does the washing machine collect odd socks? Why am I invisible to my kids until I need to make a phone call? All real questions and all without answers unfortunately.

There is another life mystery I’ve had to deal with a lot lately. Forgetfulness. It’s something that has always been there, but it’s getting worse the older I get.

I will meet someone, they will tell me their name and before we even stop shaking hands I’ve forgotten it already. I kid you not. It happens every single time. Unless their name happens to be Chrystal, in which case I’m home free!

every-time-i-meet-someone-new-every-single-time-27175My husband has his own theories of why I forget people’s names. “You don’t pay attention,” he says. “You’re not interested so you don’t remember. Why is it you can remember the whole Kardashian/Jenner family tree without missing a beat?”

Yadda, yadda, yadda. Of course I’m paying attention! Of course I care! I just can’t retain that kind of information. Geeez!

There is however information that I can retain that will knock your socks off. For example:

  1. I can recite every single word of any song I have ever listened to and loved. Anything from Rick Astley to Sinead O’Connor to that stupid song “I would walk 500 miles…”
  2. I can remember the surnames of the kids I was in primary school with. Daniel Harris, Pippin Lewis, Sally O’Bourne- hope you’re all doing well and happen to be reading this!
  3. I learnt German as a second language in high school and to this day I am able to count to 100 without thinking twice. It’s my party trick and I will bore anyone who’s willing to listen.
  4. If you want me to remember a particular event we were at years ago, just tell me what I was wearing and what we ate. That always triggers my memory.
  5. I can tell you all the previous exes of any celebrity. Sad but true.

But all of the above are useless to me or anyone else for that matter. I used to imagine myself being on Who wants to be a Millionaire and having to answer a random question such as “Who was Gigi Hadid’s father married to before Yolanda. And tell me her age in German.” What are the chances of anyone else knowing that?! But alas, I’m pretty sure my memory bank will be useless in any kind of competition.

Which brings me to the problem of forgetting people’s names. (When I was teaching, it used to take me at least 3 weeks to learn the kid’s names. I used to get them to make name tags for their tables their bags, in fact I had them label nearly everything short of writing their names on their foreheads!)

I’ve discovered a few pointers that may help you (me) with remembering people’s names. Because let’s be honest, remembering someone’s name makes people feel good. They feel important and pay greater attention. Have you noticed how much more important you feel when someone calls you by your name when speaking to you. Instead of just saying “hey buddy,” how nice is it to actually hear your name? We all feel better when people remember our names and worse when they don’t.

So here are some tips:

  1. Meet and repeat. When someone tells you their name, repeat it by saying- Hi Mark, nice to meet you.
  2. Spell it out. Not out loud, that’s just weird. But in your head.
  3. Associate their name with something. It could be the same name as someone famous, something about their job, associating them with a rhyming word or where they’re from, e.g. Sarah sells, or Jane from Jersey.
  4. Make a connection. Same name as my sister. Same name as Ryan Gosling. He looks like Tony Abbott (poor guy).
  5. Choose to care. Most psychologists (and my husband) say that one of the main reasons we forget someone’s name is that we’re not really focused on learning it in the first place. There’s too much else going on so we don’t really pay attention.

There you go guys, give the tips a whirl and see how you go. X